Love at First Flight



Chapter 1- The Light Green Dress

I had just joined the campus ministry in February 2012; the month of progress and there was a lot going on. So many things to process; new church, new people, new environment. Funny enough, the reason I went back the following Sunday was because a friend of mine had said to me, “who knows? You might even find your wife here.” Lol. Such a random thing to say to convince someone to stay in church, but Lord knows how true that statement was.


A few weeks after, a good friend of mine (Baaba), who was my cell leader at the time, convinced me to join a department and become more active in church. I finally joined the decorations team after some debate. That day, I got introduced to the head of the department after the service and we immediately started work (no time to waste in campus ministry... If you know, you know). I was asked to carry the pulpit to a designated location with a friend of mine, and as we were coming back into the auditorium, we met a group of ladies standing right outside.


There was this particular one I spotted in a bright green dress with glasses on, and I thought to myself 'Oh! she’s cute'. As I entered the hall, it seemed like we made eye contact, so I figured she spotted me too. Butttttt, I think I was overthinking it. She was probably asking herself, who at all is this skinny guy? Lol.


I come to church the next week and I realize, she’s the lady who has been playing the keyboard all this while. Amazing!!! I didn’t know anybody who knew her, so I just decided to mind my business and admire her from a distance. Our Pastor always used to mention her name though, and that’s how I got to know her name was Divine, (she was quite popular)


Chapter 2: Divine is Baaba’s roommate

Anyway, so months go by, I get more committed in church, I make a number of new friends, life is going great but I still had never said a word to this Keyboardist. The semester ended and we all went on vacation. Cool story. The next semester began, it was a new academic year, which meant you have to secure new hostel accommodation before the semester begins. Thankfully, I was able to secure where I had stayed the previous year (The Pentagon).


Baaba called and informed me that she and Divine would both be roommates at Pentagon this year. I wasn’t sure how to act at that point. I didn’t know if I was excited or nervous. All I know is, I remember saying to myself, this could be it. We could finally become friends now. Divine didn’t show up during the first week of the semester because she either travelled or had some other engagements at home. But she came the following weekend, brought her stuff to the room and had to go back home.


Baaba called some of us (her cell members) to help carry some of the stuff to the room. I just said hello to Divine, pretending not to know who she was, and carried her suitcase upstairs. I kept thinking to myself as I was climbing the stairs “What kind of machinery is in this bag? How can a suitcase be this heavy? I could’ve easily picked the buckets or something else smh”. Because of flex, I didn’t notice how bulky the suitcase was before I picked it.


Anyway, So we packed all of Divine’s stuff upstairs and came back down. She was really grateful and thanked us multiple times. Interestingly, I also had to go home that day for some personal business, and as Divine was about to call for a taxi, Baaba suggested we go together since we live in the same neighbourhood.

Chapter 3: Same Neighbourhood

WHAT??? WE LIVE IN THE SAME NEIGHBORHOOD?????? Turns out, Divine had been living just about 5 minutes away from me all this while. So I drove her home, and boy, what a ride that was. I hadn’t spoken to a girl that intelligent and with such a great sense of humour in my entire life. We connected instantly. I didn’t even realize we had so much to talk about.


But we spoke about everything and everything. I didn’t want the car ride to end. I got her to her destination and we spent some time in the car still talking. But she eventually had to leave. We exchanged numbers and said our goodbyes. After she had gone, I remember still sitting in the car that evening, with the hugest grin on my face and thinking to myself, “Wow, I think she might be the ONE.”


Nine years later, and I know she IS THE ONE!! Honestly, I couldn’t have asked God for a better Spouse. There is really no one like Divine. Just as her name implies, she really is from Above and I love her with all my heart.


Chapter 4:  The wait

The first time I saw Frederick was in Campus ministry service. He was with his friends and they were cracking jokes and being loud. My friends and I told ourselves that we would never be friends with them. Imagine.


The very next semester, his cell leader at the time, Baaba, became my roommate and she got him and his friends to help me out with my bags when I was moving in. He drove me home that day and we had an amazing conversation, the first of a lifetime.


Some years after University, Frederick met with my father, who also happens to be his Pastor, and informed him of his intentions. Pastor said he would set up a meeting with the both of us, but for about a year, that meeting never happened. I started to think Pastor did not approve him so I told him that we needed to focus on ourselves and on growing individually. The love I had for Frederick was deep but I needed to make sure that he was the one God wanted for me, and vice versa. Two years passed by with so many interesting happenings; too many to mention, but one thing I can say for sure is that we experienced a lot of individual growth and maturity.

In September 2020, Frederick and I were best man and maid of honor for our dear friends Baaba and David. Around that time, he asked me to start a business with him, which was extremely suspicious to me because we had a whole circle of friends; why did he want to start a business with just me, especially since we had been out of communication for a pretty long time? Sounded like a trap. I had a conversation with my father and told him about Frederick’s proposition. He told me to go ahead, that it might not be a trap, and even if it was, he absolutely loved Frederick and everything about him. I asked him why he didn’t set up the initial meeting and he told me that we wouldn’t have been ready then. This was the right time.

Chapter 5: Baaba's wedding

Chapter 6: Together forever

Frederick met with Pastor once more in October 2020, and Pastor gave his approval. Ever since then, it’s been a journey of grace and joy; and there is no one I would rather be with on this journey than Frederick. He’s a patient, loving, giving, gentle, and funny man of vision and full of God. Oh and did I mention he’s extremely handsome! I love him, and with God’s ability and strength, I will be the wife that God wants me to be to him, and one that he will always be happy about.